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Testimonials from our Shoppers

"I have made five purchases with 1StopLighting since May 12, 2016. I have also had to return three small parts that did not work in an old Hunter Tribeca Fan. I have ended up working closely with both Sales and Customer Service. My expectations are always low when going online looking for a specific product and trying to low-ball the price. I rarely associate the best price with the best customer service. I have learned that 1StopLighting is a different kind of company and somehow has figured out how to do both...WELL! [Your team members] are great examples of how the face of the company and the primary contacts for the customer matter more than any mission or values statement, quarterly profit and loss statement, and PRICE. I will gladly pay more for better service. I am loyal, as are all of my customers. I tell other business owners when I have a great experience because I know how valuable customer endorsements can be. Congratulations on managing your team so well and hiring and keeping the right people. Without good management, leadership, and culture, this kind of customer service doesn't just happen. I look forward to being a $10,000 customer soon. I also look forward to selecting the charity of my choice for $5.00 donations which I just saw on your website. That kind of stuff makes a big difference to me."

- Merril Watts (Owner, Lindsey Forwarders Inc.)

"I have had nothing but fabulous customer service from this company. Each person I spoke to was nicer and more helpful than the next! The communication with them was excellent and the service very prompt. I intend to spread the word about them!"

- Melanie Kutzen

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