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A clarity of vision has been the benchmark of Forecast since its inception in Southern California in the early 1970's. From the very first days of the company, Forecast Lighting has focused on crafting the most contemporary lighting designs for modern homes. Forecast is a branch of Philips, and has some of the most innovative and experienced lighting industry experts. In 1992, Lightolier acquired Philips and relocated the company to the headquarters in Elgin, Illinois. In 2010, Forecast Lighting became a part of the Philips Consumer Luminaires, a branch of Philips North America.

One of the great things that makes Forecast Lighting superior is their customer oriented approach. Many of their designs are inspired by customer input and feedback—making their products truly what the customer desires. They have carefully pioneered their designs to keep up with modern home décor trends. In the past four years they have created and added over 650 new products to their collection. And not only are they following home trends—they’re the trend setters. They are constantly shedding light on new home décor trends for the entire industry. Forecast Lighting has quite a dedicated design team. Their lighting designers travel around the globe in search for the most contemporary materials and most modern trends that can be brought to the lighting industry.  When you buy a Forecast Light you can be sure you are buying an original contemporary design.

Four decades since the start of the company, and they are still designing attractive light fixtures at budget friendly prices. Providing a quality fixture for an affordable price is of the utmost importance to Forecast Lighting—especially in today’s economy. Styles range from Soft Contemporary to Transitional; Modern to Traditional; Formal to Playful.

Forecast Lighting consists of an extensive collection of ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, floor lamps, outdoor lighting, pendants, wall sconces and more. They also have a large selection of bathroom lighting and kitchen lighting that will brightly illuminate both spaces. Forecast’s designs make their lights the perfect candidates to fit in any home. Whether you’re looking for a light to illuminate your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, foyer, outdoor area, or any other space, Forecast has a light for you. Each light is composed of clean, smooth, simple lines that work together with the sleek finishes to create a light perfect for any contemporary space. Their geometric styles add to the modern feel of their products. Their transitional products match the décor in both modern and more traditional homes. The versatility of these lights is truly something special. Forecast products are versatile enough to be adaptable for hospitality and light commercial applications.

There are many different styles, but also many different finishes and materials used. Finishes range from brushed nickel, satin nickel, copper, pewter, chrome, bronze, and many more. There’s certainly a style and a finish to fit any form of home décor or style. Each light is unique in its design. When you look at a Forecast light—you know it’s Forecast.

Forecast Lighting is for both the indoors and the outdoors. Their outdoor collection is quite extensive and continually growing. Their outdoor fixtures stick to their modern flair.

Forecast has even introduced organic elements to their lighting fixtures. The Cassandra Collection incorporates grass cloth into its design, giving it a more natural look. Other collections use materials such as bamboo or “safari fabric” that help give a space a more natural aura.

Forecast light fixtures are truly an investment for the home. The fixtures will illuminate your home both outside and inside in a way that will be even more welcoming to you and your future guests. And, not to mention, make your home the most stylish and well lit place in the neighborhood.

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